Help to end childhood hunger with Arbys

By have orders at Arbys, you are aiding many children who are suffering hunger in the world because with each purchase at Arbys, the company will spend little money to raise its fund for children. If you often visit Arbys, please use Arbys printable coupon to get more benefits and contribute to end childhood hunger.

Its vision is to work together to end children hunger in America in particular and in the world in general. Perhaps, you dont know that childhood hunger is more common than you think. Being in a developed country as in the US, despite of the lack of visibility, hungry children are seen in many parts of the country and become a serious social issue that requires the quick responses and solutions from the government.

In fact, there are over 16 million kids living in poor and hungry situation and 1 in 5 children dont have enough conditions to have access to their right meals. In other words, they cant have enough meals or meals dont have enough nutrients that is necessary for the normal development of a children.

A recent survey reveals that 3 out of 5 teachers said that their students from kindergarten to 8th grade often come to school hungry. In addition, the lack of healthy food make children difficult to have the better performance at school. Therefore, to tackle the issue, the support from every sources widespread the nation is necessary.

Up to now, Arbys has raised over $11 million to fight hunger and the figures will surely increase in the future. Besides, 345 millions meals are provides to kids who need them all year. The result owns the cooperation of Arbys and No Kid Hungry and other hunger relief organizations.

In many years, funds and charities has a huge contribution into the admirable progress involving the decrease of the number of hungry children.

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