Discover Arbys Kid Menu and Toys

Arbys has delicious sandwiches and side dishes, as well as the toys that come with the food, to offer your little children. Treat your kids a hearty meal at Arbys, and bring home adorable souvenirs. Use Arby’s promotions coupons on your order to receive even more deals and discounts.

Arbys Roast Beef classic in junior size is a perfect choice for your childs main course. The sandwich has Arbys signature roast beef, which was slow cooked for several hours until tender and juicy, with nutty sesame toast buns. The sandwich is filled with proteins and provides enough energy to keep up with your child fast growth. Order it with Arby’s promotions coupons to sweeten the deals.

Jr Roast Beef Sandwich

Jr Roast Beef Sandwich

Choose Kids Curly Fries as your kids side dish; you can never go wrong with sandwich and fries combo. The potato is sliced up curly, seasoned, and deep fried until perfection. The kids version is a little smaller than the regular one so it wont make your child feels too heavy.

GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce goes well with Roast Beef and Curly Fries. The slightly sweet and tangy flavor is perfect to balance out the savory of these dishes. The sauce is made from real apples with no chemical additions, it is 100% natural. No spoon needed, your kid can enjoy the applesauce straight from the package. Apply Arby’s promotions coupons on your order to sweeten the deals.

Apple sauce at Arbys

Apple sauce at Arbys

Finally, give your child a bottle of Shamrock Farms Low-fat Chocolate Milk to finish the meal. Shamrock Farms product has a right amount of chocolate so it is not too sweet or too plain.

Arby's Junior Mad Libs

Arby’s Junior Mad Libs

Arbys Junior Mad Libs include 4 different books with stickers. It is perfect for your child to practice reading, as well as doodling on the blank space. The books titles are Funny Fairy Tales, Super Sports, Mad Music, and Wacky Science. Collect all fours by ordering Kids Menu at Arbys restaurant.

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