What is a sandwich ? is a simple question for anyone who have eaten already it one time. It is two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish, cheese, etc., between each pair. That is a definition, which I got it on the internet.

Nevertheless have you ever thought that you want more? It hasn’t only two slices of bread, maybe three or four. If you want, everything can happen. Wondering for this question, Arbys restaurant wants more too for their custom. They want to make your normal sandwich that you eat everyday become a masterpiece. Of course, it has still only two slices of bread. Because it is enough to combine with another ingredient to make a firework of flavors in each sandwich piece.

Angus three cheese bacon

Angus three cheese bacon

Its now not a simple sandwich. Why do I say that? Because each sandwich is made carefully by Arbys chef. Every day, they always wonder which kinds of meat can combine with which kind of vegetable, of sauce. Even each kind of meat at Arby is made differently and bring the custom the different of flavour from the nature.

For example for the effort of Arby to bring custom the best thing as possible as they can.

The Angus steak is one of the masterpieces of Arbys coupon . Its cooked meticulously and is used to make Angus Three Cheese & Bacon. Then Angus Three Cheese & Bacon plus parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce plus 4 ounces of our Angus steak and top that with melted Swiss and shredded Cheddar cheese make a almost perfect sandwich until we add our thick-cut pepper bacon. That is the way a masterpieces completed.

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