Arbys Legendary Meat Mountain sandwich

Arbys is most famous for high quality and organic meats, restaurant-styled sandwiches with fast-food price. Another thing the brand does best is marketing campaign. The idea of the Meat Mountain sandwich, which includes all of Arbys kinds of meat, has successfully raised the customers curiosity and awareness of the brand. Fast-food lovers and meat lovers are not the only ones who are excited for the giant, meat-packed sandwich, many people comes to Arbys restaurants and ask about the Meat Mountain. If you have the same idea, bring your Arby’s coupons along, just in case the sandwich is real. If it is not, you can still get discount on Arbys other tasty dishes.

Arby's Meat Mountain Advertisement

Arby’s Meat Mountain Advertisement

Arbys meat mountain sandwich is somewhat mythical because it doesnt appear on Arbys official menu. The sandwich might be a trick of genius advertisement, if not for that fact that some people have claimed that you can order the sandwich with Arbys staff for $10. If you have Arby’s coupons, there is chance you can save money on this special sandwich.

Arby's Meat Mountain in real life

Arby’s Meat Mountain in real life

People, who have luckily climb The Meat Mountain, have reported that the sandwich is stacked high with all Arbys meat. The order from the top down begins with bacon, roast beef, Cheddar cheese, Angus steak, smoked brisket, corned beef, Swiss, ham, roast turkey, and ends with chicken tenders as the base. This sandwich truly lives to its name, and of course, dont try to finish it in one bite. This secret sandwich is available at limited locations and time, the key is to ask Arbys restaurant staff politely, and they might assemble the sandwich for you. The price for the Meat Mountain is $10, but you can save money on your order with Arby’s coupons.

Ask for this secret menu the next time you visit Arbys restaurant chain, if you are brave enough.

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